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The 3 Pussies That Started It All…

Our Story

Gaby Merediz and Rachael Birkenhauer were wearing the same dress when they met. They considered it to be fate and decided that it was a sign that they must be friends.  They were also both mothers with a passion for helping other women.

A lactation counselor with Lactation Counseling Services, Rachael helped mothers navigate the challenges of life with a newborn. Gaby was a Lamaze instructor and owned a playspace for children, where exhausted moms could put their feet up and chat with other moms as their kids played. That business eventually evolved into Make Your Perfect, online courses to help women reconnect with themselves after becoming mothers.

Both Gaby and Rachael were passionate about working with women, building community and mentoring mothers as they lived up to their full potential.

But they were frustrated with the “hush-hush” mentality that surrounds women’s issues. It’s rare for a woman to share her experiences with birth and breastfeeding, especially when they’re blissful, positive experiences. Some women are looked down on for sharing that they’re anything less than ecstatic about becoming mothers and having tiny living creatures sucking out their life force. And when it comes to talking about sex or their pussies—

What? Have we lost you? Come back! It’s ok. You’ll eventually be more comfortable talking about your vagina too.

Once you start celebrating it.

So back to the story… Both women had undergone a transformation by getting in tune with their own sensuality, intuition and femininity, and they infused their work with it.

And then one day, they were sitting around Rachael’s kitchen table. Gaby, who is also an artist, had been making fine art that focused on women and femininity for some time, and she had purchased this domain name about a month earlier. She had intended to use it to sell and market her artwork.

The night before the two met up, Gaby had just crocheted a giant pussy as she prepped for a new art project. When she showed it to Rachael, they giggled a little and wondered what else they could do with it. All of a sudden, Rachael gasped and brought her hand up to her mouth.

“That’s it!” she exclaimed.

“That’s Flower Pussy Power!”

And the story begins…